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It was my father in law who intrigued me to write this article, juicing for hair loss.  His hair has been getting thinner and thinner ever since I have known him. His silver hair has slowly been dropping out causing him to have a shiny patch of scalpe showing through commonly known as a bald pate.  Non the less, in this balding time of his life, he was not outwardly bothered about it.

Juicing For Hair LossAmazed and joyful he rang up one day to say that he was growing new hair. Lots of new healthy, not grey, but black hair, the sort he had in his youth before he started to go grey.  Now I thought this very interesting as the only thing he was doing differently was juicing once a day!  He had not gone about his juicing with the aim of hair regain, only to benefit from its overall life giving power.  The time he had been juicing for was about 8 months or so.

You can see from the picture the black hair growth. This was not there before he started to juice.

Hair loss can happen for several reasons just the onset of ageing which is probably the most the prolific but bad diet, stress, lack of sleep, illness, trauma and genetics are other causes that can lead to hair loss. Both men and women are both susceptible.

I wanted to find the facts behind hair loss and find the appropriate juices to combat it through diet.

As we know juicing is great for overall health, vitality and fitness.  So I was surprised to find that some people who had been on juice fasts had experienced hair loss to some degree. Getting to the root of the matter I learnt that if the bodies overall state is acidic (which is not favourable for good health) then when a juice fast is started the body rids itself of toxins and excess proteins that it does not need. Not every one that does a juice fast experiences this but it should be noted here that soon after the body has gained its correct state i.e.  it becomes alkaline again the hair growth does come back.

Most people that do a juice fast see remarkable results from thickening of the hair and better growth.  So if you are experiencing this short term hair loss from juicing, its your body clearing itself out and starting again… so keep going it should be worth it as your healing yourself from the inside out

Some juicing ingredients would be ones that ideally contain sources of vitamins B, C,E,

Essential for health and hair growth: Vitamin B complex’s such as leafy greens and green vegetables.  . They can be found in whole grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, beans, brewers yeast and molasses.

Vitamin C, You probably think citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, limes etc.  Vegetables are rich in vitamin C. It can improve your circulation to the scalpe.  Juice broccoli, green pepper parlsely and of course lemons, limes, grapefruit etc

For hair health and enhanced hair growth vitamin E is required.   Greens that contain vitamin E include spinach, collards, mustard greens, swiss chard and turnip greens.  It is also found in eggs, nuts and seeds.

Juicing For Hairloss

My research for the best recipe’s for juicing for hair loss led me to find Chemo Hair Loss Juice Recipe by Pura Vida Pantry on Facebook. Touched by her story and knowing how traumatic Chemo is, I thought this recipe apt. I am in no doubt know it is there to be shared for the benefit of all mankind.

 Juicing For Hair Loss

“Hair-thickening Juice:

1 Cup Sprouts (alfa-alfa is a good choice but any sprouts will do)

1 Cabbage Leaves or 2 Brussel Sprouts

1 Cup Broccoli Florets

1 (Medium) Carrot

2 Slices Red Onion

1 Medium Beet & Beet Greens

1/2-1 Clove Garlic (optional, but good!)

If you need to sweeten this, add a couple slices of watermelon.

If you still don’t love it, add a couple apples until it tastes perfect!  Apples are fabulous for your skin as well.  That never hurts!

~~cabbage/broccoli/brussel sprouts/onion/garlic are all high in organic sulphur, which stimulates growth of healthy hair~~

~~carrot/broccoli/beets are all high in beta carotene which reduces inflammation in the scalp—to help u grow more hair

~~garlic improves circulation of oxygen rich blood to the scalp, also helping you begin to grow thicken, new hair.”

Other Juicing For Hair Loss Recipe’s

Hair Growth Tonic

  • Hand full dark green cale
  • 4 carrots.
  • 2 apples
  • Half cup of alfalfa sprouts

Great Green Hair Regime

  • 3 large broccoli florets
  • 2-3 green apples, seeded
  • Handfull of spinach.
  • Whole Lime (pith off)

Lean Green Hair Repair

  • 2oz wheat grass/ frozen
  • Half a handful parsley,  hand full coriander (cilantro)
  • 4 carrots Cleaned of greens and skin)
  • 1 stalk celery
  • ½ cup chopped fennel
  • Half an apple, seeded

Handsome Hair

  • Handful parsley
  • Handful spinach
  • 4-5 carrots, greens removed
  • 2 stalks celery


Even onion juice massaged into raw the scalpe helps stimulating the acidity / alkalinity balance of the scalpe. Ginger root Juice also stimulates the scalp from the outside. Like using tea tree extract ( a natural anti septic) you can feel your hair and head tingle with a pleasant sensation.

With either, it is recomemmed to put the juices on your head and massage them into scalp for 5 minutes. Then let your hair dry for 10-15 minutes, then shampoo.  The smell of onion and to a point ginger will leave a smell!  You can overcome this by using leom juice as a conditioner.  It will negate the smell by 85% I am led to believe.

Having seen my father in law gain new black growth to his silver hair within 8 months of juicing is nothing short of a miracle.  Many other people have found that a change from the inside now is better than visiting the doctors and receiving bad news – your going bald…

The evidence here on the internet is amazing to say the least, regarding the benefits of juicing for hair loss.   I will be revising this post very soon before I to go bald.

Happy air growth.

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Fruity Water & Beauty Elixirs – Get Hydrated – The majority of us are extremely dehydrated causing us great health risks – Get Hydrated with Alkaline Water! This is the single most important thing you can do to for your health, energy and vitality!

Wow, the weather here in France is crazy, as so with many other parts of the world, we have literally gone from winter to full on summer over night, it’s a shock, really don’t know what happened to spring?

So I am doubling up on my water, I am out planting like a mad thing, if I had planted any veg before now it would have been ruined as we had some beautiful days that spurred the garden into growth, and then suddenly got hit with frost, I have lost several new plants so was not gong to risk the veg, they have been happily growing under cover.

I cant believe how hot it is now, so with lots more heat and physical activity for me, I need to keep that water up. Seriously I cannot stress this enough – get hydrated – this will change everything like magic!

You need to be drinking at least 3-4 litres of good quality alkaline water per day, and more if you are a little heavy, working out or in a hot climate! Okay, I know it sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t when you get used to it! These fruity water elixirs are wonderful for keeping us hydrated with a little more taste than plain water!


Fruity Water

Some people just can’t keep up the plain old water, but we so need it, this fruity water is perfect to give us what we need to stay in balance with a little flavour added, and of course we can use different fruits and herbs to keep our interest up.

3-4 litres is about right for most people to get hydrated, but there are other factors to consider;

Our bodies are something like 70-78% water, we must maintain this level to stay healthy, if we sweat a lot through exercise, hot weather or whatever, we are reducing our bodies water content and our cells are dying, we are aging rapidly! Fruity water is perfect.

The majority (very large majority) of us do not drink nearly enough water, not even close! Our digestion is slow, we are stagnant, and we are not clearing away toxins, we are too highly acid, our bodies are tired and our organs are under stress and pressure, we need to get hydrated!

The body does it’s best to protect us and keep our vital organs safe, it stores toxins and poisons anywhere it can away from our organs! Guess where its stored? Yeah not where you want it! So can you see then that this is why we end up with aching joints, skin problems, exhaustion and weight issues, not to mention the disease we are building?

Alkaline Water - Get Hydrated

So those times when you found it hard to lose weight, or you struggled with your skin or wounds just not healing? Headaches, mental fogginess, depression? This is not to mention what happens in the bowels!!!

We simply cannot flush waste when we are dehydrated, we get sticky clogged colons and that could develop into something really nasty!

Being dehydrated is obviously not the only factor of good health but it certainly is of utmost importance and the beginnings of excellent health!

We simply cannot survive without water. Get Hydrated!

Alkaline water hydrates up to 17% better than any other water!

Veggies and some fruits are alkalizing, try adding fruit and herbs to filtered water for a hydrating alkaline drink, and get on the green drinks!

Get Hydrated With Fruity Water

Being hydrated can change everything, sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is, just drinking enough water and making it a habit, can have a profound effect on your whole life.

I had an email from one of my readers a couple of days ago, she said she had been drinking 4 litres per day and had lost weight without even changing her diet, she suffers with constipation but she is clearing! This is fantastic, she is now so relieved and is excited about learning about her body and including more raw food into her diet, I cannot wait to see how she gets on!

The correct amount of water intake certainly will help you to lose weight, as it clears acid toxins from your system and boosts your metabolism. Just look at your skin when you are tired or hung-over, that’s a good one – that is pure dehydration!


Just test this for yourself, next time you feel really tired, give yourself a couple of hours and get 2 litres of  good clean alkaline water into you, see how different you feel. I know it sounds a lot, but when you have developed this habit, you will automatically be looking for that water! Keep water with you at all times, it becomes easy!

We often make the mistake of thinking we are hungry when what we really need is water, easy to see this leads to weight problems!

Our body is designed to be alkaline, but unfortunately we with our westernised diet, eat way to much acid forming foods and drinks such as soda’s, sugars, breads, sweets, pizza, chips, alcohol, white rice & pasta, trans-fats, junk food, processed food, dairies, meats and the list goes on!

Animal produce in our day now is poison, full of toxic drugs, If I want to put drugs in my body, then I will make that choice, no one else! We are basically stupid! How can we expect this amazing body to carry us through life and we don’t even learn about it’s needs? We put our body under such strain, we need to assist our body instead of ignoring it! It is so easy to stay healthy when we understand what we are doing to ourselves!

Education is everything! You are everything! You are more important than your job or your business, your body needs and deserves your attention! Without it what have you got? Without your body you have no where to live!


lemon - Alkaline Water - Get Hydrated

  • Increase energy
  • Flushing of waste & toxins
  • Drinking water enhances fat loss
  • Grow younger – Drinking water hydrates your skin
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Ease joint pain
  • Improve digestion
  • Relieve constipation

And these are just a few benefits!

To Get Hydrated Means To Get Healthy!

Alkaline water is easy to make yourself,  remember – Alkaline water hydrates up to 17% better than any other water!  Just adding lemon makes your water alkaline, try lemon and lime – gorgeous! I add wild greens mostly, dandelion, rocket and today mint. Then raspberries and apple – very refreshing.

I mix mine in the biggest (glass) jug that I can find and keep it going, just top up with filtered water as you go – keeps me going all day.

I also add crystals to my water, yep – I have worked with crystals for many years and they are simply magic – I will tell you all about the magic of crystal elixirs tomorrow :)

Get Hydrated – Get Hydrated – Get Hydrated!

– See more at: http://rawfoodenergybenefits.com/get-hydrated-fruity-water-elixirs/#sthash.6ABnMcK4.dpuf

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Fill sink with water, add 1 cup of VINEGAR, and stir.

Add all fruit, and soak for 10 minutes.

Water will be dirty, and fruit will sparkle with no wax or dirty film

Great for berries too, as it keeps them from molding.

Do this with strawberries, and they last for weeks!

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Part 1 – Healing & Detoxing with Watermelon Juice

Part 2 – Healing & Detoxing with Watermelon Juice

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Though, to be honest, you’re going to lose weight JUICING VEGETABLES (regardless of the recipe!)

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